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ACS05 / AC18 Stand for display

Aluminum Stand. ACS05 for 10-16" Screen; AC18 for 10-13" screen.

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ACS 05AC 18

                            XPPen Portable Stand

                            Wide span and stable for creating with comfort

                            Simplified alloy design

                            The high strength alloy we use has a fine texture,
creates a low-profile and elegant appearance at the same time.

                            6 adjustable angles,
choose from a variety of positions

                            Adjust from 18° to 45°
to find your suitable drawing positions.

                            A healthier position to
protect your spine

                            Ergonomic design for upright sitting and prevent body bowing.
Your spine and neck will be relaxed by improved creating angles.

Longtime bowing : causes spinal pains Stretched spine: relieves your longtime fatigue

                            Stable anti-slippery silicone design perfectly supports your high-frequency use

                            Anti-slippery silicone with enhanced thickeness protects your device and gives you more stability to focus.

                            Wide span,
customized design for drawing enthusiasts

                            300mm wide span brings more creation space for creativity and imagination release.

                            Triangle-structure design for more durable and stable support

                            Triangle-structure supports ultra heavy load of 20kg,
providing you the super strong favour for creation.

                            Compatible with different Sizes

                            Widely applicable to various products of 12 to 16 inches.

                            Foldable storage in seconds

                            Easy to be packed into backpack for travel. Unleash your inspirations anytime and anywhere.

                                    CNC anodizing process, free from erosion of the years.

                                    Customized slots design for more stable support.

                                M-shaped design to stretch or fold with ease.


                                            Product Name                                            XPPen Portable Stand
                                            Product Model                                            ACS05
                                            Material                                            Aluminum alloy & silicone
                                            Dimensions                                            271 x 60 x 15.5mm
                                            Weight                                            368g
                                            Color                                            Silver & grey (silicone)
                                            Compatible Size                                            12"-16"drawing displays
                                            Load Bearing                                            0~20kg
                                            Adjustable Angles                                            18 to 45° of 6 levels
                                            Warranty Period                                            One year

                            Package includes

                                    1 x stand

                                    1 x CPE bag

                                    1 x storage bag


                        Multifunctional Drawing Tablet Stand


                        The XP-Pen multifunctional metal stand is manufactured with 5052 aluminum alloy. It is mechanically polished, sand-blasted, and anodized to create a light, stable, durable, and portable stand.


                        Our stand can be adjusted from a 10° to 65° viewing angle in 1° increments. Avoid fatigue by adjusting your setup to suit your body’s needs.

                    Press and hold the switch to adjust the angle


                        No more slipping and sliding: Our stand is designed to stay put and allow you to work without interruption.

                    No-slip pad for the tablet

                    No-slip pad for the stand


                        Our multifunctional stand has been engineered to bear high amounts of weight and pressure. It is optimized for use with the Artist 10S, but is compatible with each of our products that does not feature a built-in stand.



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